To the editor:

Right on cue, Leavenworth’s resident anti-Trump, anti-Christian “intellectual” finds a way, in the absence of any facts or statistics, to connect legal local school choice to some imagined, nefarious actions of our president. Unlike, “Dr.” Heflin, I don’t try and give the public the idea that I’m an expert in areas in which I’m not appropriately educated. The idea that people exercising their right to legally choose a school outside of their district is somehow the fault of our president is ludicrous at first glance, and terrifyingly deranged when considering that the exodus from Lawson is not a new phenomenon. No, I'm not an expert, just a person with more than half a century of common sense, and the ability to recognize a person so filled with hatred for another person that every ill facing America, no matter its length of presence, is the fault of one person, or one religion, or one political party. In my opinion, Leavenworth dodged a poison-laced bullet when they didn't elect “Dr.” Heflin to our school board, and I implore every resident to consider the breadth of her hate-filled public rants if they ever again encounter her name on any ballot for public office.