To the editor:

This morning I awoke, once again overjoyed by another sunrise in which to enjoy my life and my family, a sunrise that provided the endless promise of a new day and the boundless possibilities provided by a new start. For that is what each day provides, a new opportunity in which to make new discoveries, encounter potential new friends and learn something of which I was previously unaware. Learning something new each day is how I determine the worth of a day. If I learn something new, I count the day a win.

I know, in my heart, that I have the love of my family. I know, in my heart, that I have the respect of my peers. I know, in my heart, that my savior died for my sins and that I am saved. What more can a man ask?

As the day proceeds, I am challenged in my beliefs. I am challenged that my beliefs are worthy. I am challenged that my understanding is valid. I am challenged that my love is returned. In each of these challenges, I am but a reed in the wind, moved hither and yon by the capricious whims of those in whom I place great faith. Those closest to us can cause the greatest harm, but those closest to us feel the strongest toward our greatest success. How often is the greatest hurt caused by those closest to us?  

Then, I find, that those closest to me are not the greatest threat. I hear of allegations against those without fault, allegations made without benefit of evidence, allegations made for the purpose of the allegation. Why would anyone make an allegation against another, bear false witness against another human? Why would such a world, with the bright sun of endless possibilities, be sullied by the scurrilous exhortations of the uninformed? Why would anyone contend that fiction should replace fact? Why would fact be replaced with unfounded accusation?

I was offended by the Leavenworth Times’ publication of an unfounded attack upon an honorable man. I was astounded by the publication, a pillar of truth and the foundation of liberty, of an unsubstantiated and unfounded attack on a man of honor. Claiming that Tony Barton and his supporters are following Jeff Pittman and his campaign manager Holly Pittman and taking pictures? Where is the evidence of this accusation? Are there people following Tony Barton and members of his campaign taking pictures of them taking pictures of the Pittmans? Are these accusers actually following or stalking Tony Barton? Have we in Leavenworth reached the ridiculous peak of the national Democratic Party where we feel free to denigrate an honorable man without a shred of evidence?

Jeff Pittman knew what he was getting into when he entered the political arena. He knew that he would be subject to scrutiny and he knew his record would be subject to comment. Any complaints about the scrutiny is cowardice and any claim to surveillance is ridiculous. I think Jeff is worried that he will be held to account for raising the income taxes of every resident of Leavenworth. He is part of the largest tax increase on Kansas residents in the history of Kansas, bar none. He will be held to account for his actions, not for unsubstantiated accusations.

Editor’s note: Rett Rogers is the chairman of the Leavenworth County Republican Party.