An intra-area rivalry was rekindled Friday at Wollman Aquatic Center when the Leavenworth Riptides played host to the Lansing Sea Lions’ swim team.

On a good day for a morning swim at an outdoor pool, the Sea Lions had enough firepower to pull away for a 238-184 win.

“It's always good to see friends from our community and to compete with each other in a fun manner,” Lansing head coach David Bresser said of the only time the two teams will meet this summer. “We had much improvement from week 1 and showed some strength in key areas.”

The Sea Lions won every event including the relays in the 8-under boys, the 11-12 boys and 13-14 girls age groups and all but one event in the 13-14 boys.   

“The DePaolis boys swam (Antonia and Mico) extremely well helping the 9-10 boys and 11-12 boys age groups with multiple wins,” Bresser said. “We also had strong consistent performances from Sara Gorski, Carley Jacobsen, Greyson Walker, Koby McMahan, Abigail Brown, Mekaila Hayes and Mike Bresser.”

Antonia DePaolis captured four titles in the 50 butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke and 100 IM, as did Greyson Walker (50 freestyle, butterfly and backstroke and 100 IM), Carley Jacobsen won three events in the 50 freestyle, butterfly and backstroke, Brown came out on top in the 50 freestyle and breaststroke. Koby McMahan captured wins in the 25 freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke, Mico DePaolis also won three races in the 50 freestyle and butterfly and 100 IM and Hayes won two events (50 freestyle and butterfly) in their respective age groups.

Gorski had quite the busy day as she showed off her versatility, winning in two different age groups. She won the 13-14 girls’ 50 breaststroke and IM then swam up in the 15-18 girls’ competition and captured third-place finishes in the 50 freestyle and butterfly.

Relay wins on the day include 8-and-under boys’ 100 freestyle relay and 100 medley (Koby McMahan, Eli Matina, Caleb Mills, Brody Pierce), 9-10 boys’ 200 free and medley (Mico DePaolis, Reven Medoza-Smith, Darin Gaunt, Andrew Im), 11-12 boys’ 200 medley (Jermia Burnett, Gavin Hope, Antonia DePaolis, Tim Howard), 11-12 girls’ 200 freestyle (Alyssa Parker, Abigail Brown, Tessa Foster, Maria Menzel), 13-14 boys’ 200 freestyle (Jakob Blackwell, Mike Bresser, Ethan Crumpacker, Greyson Walker) and 200 medley (Mike Bresser, Ethan Crumpacker, Greyson Walker, Kolton Brown) and the 13-14 girls’ 200 freestyle (Elanna Aaron, Jana Burnett, Sara Gorski, Paige Taylor) and 200 medley (Elanna Aaron, Kailyn Cline, Nancy Rhoads, Jana Burnett).

“Overall, the kids are progressing immensely and are looking strong in the water,” Bresser said. “We have many new swimmers requesting to swim new events wanting to push themselves. Not only did times improve this week but we saw much better strokes and turns. This is a great league to introduce our young kids to swimming and developing their fundamentals while gaining an appreciation of the sport. We still have much work to do in the remaining two weeks to improve the technique to avoid disqualification.”  

Riptide individual winners include Breanna Banker (6-and-under), Ava Foster (8-under), McKayla Baker (8-under), Jack Smith (10-under), Taylor Liebeno (10-under), Anna Tomson (12-and-under), Devin Stutz (14-under), Sean Hammell (18-under), Laney Ackles (18-under), Alissa Williams (18-under) and Ellie Nichol (18-under),

Liebano, Tomson, Hammell, Ackles and Williams won in multiple events.

Victorious Leavenworth relay teams were 8-under girls’ freestyle (Baker, Elleanna Banker, Foster and Heidi Phillips), 10-under girls’ freestyle (Anya Anderson, Amari English, Audrey Hommerheitz and Liebano), 10-under medley (Anderson, English, Hommerheitz, Liebano), 12-under boys’ freestyle (Trey Baptista, Gage Darnley, Jonah Nicol, and Christian Skaggs), 12-under boys’ medley (Nicol, Darnley, William Zielinski and Skaggs), 12-under girls’ medley (Emmy Liebano, Christina Hernandez, Tomson and Banker), 18-under coed’ freestyle (Williams, Ackles, Hammell and Asher Garner) and 18-under coed medley (Hammell, Garner, Williams and Ackles).

"I am so proud of every swimmer who came out to swim,” Riptides’ head coach Dorothy Tisdel said. “I love the experience of watching them learn to truly appreciate, maybe even love, the sport, grow rapidly in a short season, and do very well in competition.  I have a heart for each and every one of them, and I have excellent parents putting in impressive volunteer hours to ensure the team succeeds."

Next up, the Sea Lions host the Eudora Barracudas on Friday while the Riptides will host the Lakes team (Lake Quivera/Lake of the Forrest) at Wollman.   

These will be the last meets before the split championships on June 30 when Lansing will host one event and the Riptides travel to Tonganoxie.