Improvement offers no excuses/Player profile on Kaylee Shaw

Player profile: Kaylee Shaw - Power born from push and ‘protein’

The reality is that Leavenworth High sophomore Kaylee Shaw is not very big.

She’s maybe 5-foot-4 when she has a big yawn in the morning, but otherwise, Shaw is just an undersized ball of pure energy, hustle and toughness for the Pioneers’ girls’ soccer team.

Despite giving away plenty of inches to a number of older and at times, stronger opponents, Shaw, uses her relentless grit and intensity to knock most girls off of any ball.

It is that makeup that forced the other team and top players to take note of the fireplug of a player who definitely has a great future in front of her, for just the reason of being tougher than everyone else.

“It kind of angers me when they push me and so it makes me want to push them back and go harder,” Shaw said. “My dad encourages me when he’s on the sideline and he’ll say, ‘You going to let her push you like that?’ I say, no. That’s why I always want to go out and give it my all.

“My dad is really tough on us about weights. He makes me and my brother run a lot and makes sure we are in shape and eat a lot. I eat a lot of protein.”

Shaw is trying to help build a culture and help shape the team as a unified front even with so many personnel changes on a yearly basis.

“We have to adjust to new players every year moving in and out,” Shaw said. “Say a player is here for two years and we are getting it together and then they move away. We have to adjust again to new players.”

When Shaw isn’t busy eating 10 pounds of steak or chicken to become the next Mia Hamm, she does find some time to just relax and be a kid. 

“Usually I spend time with my friends or with my grandparents,” Shaw said. “I love being with my grandparents. They are really fun to talk to.”