Of good food and games

Briele Rees continued her summer tour of Italy with her softball team as she and her squad representing Team USA have learned plenty about the game and another part of the world.

We have visited Rome and Tuscany and saw many famous sites including the Vatican, Cinque Terre and the Trevi fountain.

Once we visited a city for a couple days, we would pack our suitcase and everything we needed for the day and put it on the tour bus.

Then we would get on the bus, travel to the next city to shop and go on a tour, play a game in the evening and check in to a new hotel.

We go to four hotels all together so it’s a lot of packing and moving around the country.

So far, Italy is everything I imagined it would be. There hasn’t been a place we have visited that hasn’t blown my mind. Whether it’s the cute buildings with the flowers in the window, or the statues and paintings on the walls, Italy is so beautiful.

We visited Cinque Terre, which is a beach on the coast of Italy, and it was one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. The water was so blue and the view was stunning. 

We just finished our first three exhibition games of the tournament.

The first team we played was all our age and we won 6-2. My team was doing pretty good even though nobody knew each other before Italy.

The next game we were expecting another win, but that definitely wasn't the case. There were actually a few 30-year-old women on the team.

The pitcher was an American they recruited that had graduated from Florida State in 2013. The score ended up being 10-0. Our third exhibition game had about the same score.

I was not expecting to see grown women out on the field, but there definitely was. It was a cool experience having different competition, but I didn't enjoy losing.

We've eaten at so many restaurants I've lost count.

Either we're really good at picking places to eat, or everything just seems really good to us. The food is amazing, however, it's usually in small portions and I'm still hungry after.

There are menus on the outside of all the restaurants so that you know what food there is before you go sit down.

However, even though the food is amazing, there's a few things I wish could be different.

Water isn't free and usually costs about three Euros. There are also no free refills in any restaurant in Italy.

We visit Milan and Venice next.

Rees’ next installment will talk about her final days in Italy and the overall lessons she learned abroad. Stay tuned.