This isn’t the picture Cierra Robinson had in mind when she visualized what her final year as a member of the Leavenworth High girls’ basketball team would look like.

But the lone senior heading into 2017-18 has seen a coaching change, great players graduate and other potential returnees not appear to be returning.

“It’s completely different than what I envisioned,” Robinson said. “We had a coaching change, people not coming out and it’s way different. Still, everybody has the same work ethic and heart that we had when I was a freshman. Even some of the new kids are learning quick. There is no lollygagging and they are still going to work hard. The new coach wants the same hard work as (Jordan) Mellott.”

All of this happened when she walked in as the team’s oldest player this summer.

“It’s crazy. I don’t think I am prepared to be alone – I was hoping me and Aarika (Lister) would do this together. We started this together as freshmen and I was hoping we could finish as seniors. So, I am just hoping to learn some new leadership skills and be patient. It’s a whole new team, a whole new system. Alyche and McKenzie (Brown) are definitely helping me. We are making sure it’s just a team thing. It’s just different.”

Lister is expected to not return for her senior year, according to members of the LVHS staff and roster.

Despite being thrust into this position as the lone elder, Robinson has been handling her business just fine.

“Cierra is a very good captain and she makes sure everybody knows where they are and what they are doing,” Alyche Brown said. “She makes sure we are good. She puts out all the good text messages and makes sure we all know what we are doing.”

Robinson is also taking the time to hone her skills with hopes of playing in college and she still finds time for family, even if it can be a little playfully cut-throat.

“I am playing AAU and I am here all day. I am not doing anything else,” Robinson said. “Me and my siblings play really competitive ‘Monopoly’ at the house. We all tally who wins. We have standings and everything. My brother and my sister, when we are all home, we play ‘Monopoly.’

“I read, but right now I am writing essays for scholarships, so I don’t have much free time. I want to go to the Air Force Academy.”