Dylan Brown is the new football coach at Lansing High School. In this Q5, he talks about his transition from offensive coordinator as the Lions prepare for next season. 


1. How are you adjusting to the head coaching job so far? 

Right now it is a lot of talking and meeting people. Organizing staff and this summer and just expectations. It is a lot of organization and talking right now.  I am probably on my phone more now in the last two weeks than I have been in the rest of my life. Just getting all the administration stuff that you did not worry about as an assistant. Like insurance, facility use and things like. Just getting ready to go.


2. Have you finalized your 2018 coaching staff yet?

Yes. We just finished that last week. It was cool because we were able to add another assistant to bring us up to nine. Which is better because we are a 5A school and most 5A schools have around 10 to 12 so we are catching up which is good. I’m excited about the guys. I got some guys with really good experiences in coaching and what I want them to coach. Then a couple of young guys because you want those guys to bring the energy and things like that. I am pretty excited about the way it all worked out, especially for having it kind of come up on short notice. You never know which coaches have already made commitments so I am pleased with the way our staffing worked out. 


3. What are the big plans for the summer to get ready for the season?

We're going to try to get all our kids in the morning at  7 a.m. followed by going out to the football field Monday  through Thursday. Because of how late it was, we were not able to get a team camp organized like going to KU or Northwest or anything like that, but we might have a couple dates at Saint Mary's for scrimmages with Piper and some other local schools. It will probably be a couple of seven-on-sevens. Then we are going to have our team camp pretty late this year. So our padded team camp will be in the middle of July so that's pretty light right now compared to some of the things the other schools are doing, but it's it's what's necessary right now.


4. What are some of the big changes that you want to bring as a head coach instead of as an assistant?

A lot of the changes are just with summer expectations. Things like incentives, trying to get kids to buy into offseason workouts, showing up consistently and working together. That is our big theme to this year. Going to work and being together is our motto. So first, we got to work and we got to be together as a team. We are also trying to get all our kids in the same weightlifting session because there are four or five of them and in the past, we would have a few here and there. So we will try to consolidate and all here at the same time. We are going to see each other work and going to build accountability and trust with each other. We are all going to work and do what is necessary to start competing with 5A schools because we are switching leagues. We played some 4A teams before and that is not going to be an option this year so we've got to do 5A things if we want to compete with 5A schools so that starts with the offseason.


5. What are the expectations, especially with the change in leagues?

Our schedule is going to get harder. I'm not going to sit here and make predictions about how we will do because so much of that has to do with who shows up in the summer and the work they put in. This is going to be coach speak, but it is absolutely true. The only game I care about right now is Blue Valley Southwest. After that is after that, but the other seven games don't matter right now. We are going to get prepared for Blue Valley Southwest because I know their record is never that great, but they play murderous schedule. They were 3-6 last year and five of those losses were teams that were in the state championship in the last two years like  Blue Valley North, Blue Valley, St. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop Miege, and Mill Valley. That's a murderer’s row and if you take those off the schedule, they are 3-1. So we cannot take that team lightly and we got to go in there knowing that they play at a higher level of competition than we are used to. Over the summer we have to match that level of competition so we really need to focus on getting ready for them.