Quote: From a movie, "Yeah, our blood his guts"

To the editor:
Quote: From a movie, "Yeah, our blood his guts"

Former governor Romney is another one of those non DD214 holding officials. Former governor Romney and his sons have not served this country except for what he calls serving when he paid for it. So you do not think I am one sided, this goes for President Obama, also to include Congress and the Senate. Have you been in harms way? How about your son(s) and or daughter(s).

Having spent wonderful vacations, at government expense in the Republic of Vietnam, Republic of South Korea, Japan, and Saudia Arabia/Iraq, I can tell you that strong words with other people's lives at stake are worthless to me. However we screwed up, "Mission Accomplished," is debatable but remember the human toll on your decisions.

I am against VOLAR, as I always have been. We do not need a paid military, we need universal conscription, like former president Eisenhower wanted. Then if everyone participated, then some of the decisions would not be made because everyone would have a stake in it. No matter where or how you served your country, military, job corps, Americorps, Peace Corps, you served your country, not sat back and let others do it for you. Can not wait for the election to be over!
They, both parties have lowered the bar for campaigning and rhetoric to include their supporters who tarnish the newspapers and the rest of the media with their inaccurate reports and or statements. No I am not disparaging Gen. Patton, it is just that famous movie quote fits my issue with the government policy(s).