The writing of this week’s musings means that I have now been on the job for six months.
I would love to take a moment to reflect on the many memories  I have lived through in such a short time, but at this point we are too busy moving forward to spend anytime looking back.
I do want to thank everyone in the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation, as well as everyone who has participated in our activities during this time, for it has truly been an awesome experience and an exciting time in my life.
So, in an effort to move forward and create even more memories...

On Monday, the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department hosted a Veterans Day parade float.
I want to say thank you to the eight youngsters who made the event extremely memorable for me. Cade Clemens, Taylor Clemens, Jamarcus Crawford, Aidyn Filley, Alexis Filley, Kaylee Teasdale, Charley Jo Monahan and Aly Nelson, all participated in the parade and are representatives from our summer 2012 baseball and softball programs.
I appreciate the fact that they gave us four hours of their time to greet everyone along the parade route as representatives of the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department. I would be very remiss if I neglected to thank Jack, the German shepherd, who represented all of the dogs of Leavenworth and the Waggin’ Tails Park of the City of Leavenworth.

We now have a champion in the adult softball coed division I.
Congratulations to Criminal Justice (Derrick Singeltary). They finished the season with an 11-1 record. They were awarded their championship plaque after their game last Wednesday evening.
I want to thank Jeff Asher (Sunza Pitches), Brandon Fryman (Cyclones), Heather Goodman (Stepp Painting), Milt Rush, Sr. (Heartland Anesthetics) and all of the members of their teams for participating in our adult coed softball league this fall.

Get out and see the Bobby Watson Quartet. He is a renowned Jazz artist known worldwide. He will be appearing this Saturday 7 p.m. inside the Performing Arts Center on 5th and Delaware.
Tickets are going quickly, so don’t wait until it is too late. The proceeds from this performance go into the Parks and Recreation Scholarship Fund to make it possible for our less advantaged children to participate in our various programs.

After having the opportunity to observe our adult coed softball divisions, it was extremely apparent that some teams were placed in the wrong divisions. Next year we will have the following divisions:
Division I — Mondays/Wednesdays: Blazers, Criminal Justice, Great Western, Heartland Anesthetics, Stepp Painting
Division II — Tuesdays/Thursdays: All Slabbed Up, Back Draft Duct Cleaning, Cyclones, Each Hit, Myer’s Tire Supply, North Pointe Pack and Ship, Sunza Pitches, The Misfits
An increase in the number of teams may force Each Hit and Myers’ Tire Supply into division I. A team with five of the same players will be considered the same team — even with a change of coach and/or sponsor.

The High Noon Saloon Rudolph’s Red Nose Run is drawing near.
This event will commence on Dec. 1 right smack in front of our own High Noon Saloon at 2nd Street and Choctaw.
In addition to our corporate sponsor High Noon Saloon, I want to give a huge shout-out to our other sponsors:  Tom and Ann’s Haircolorists, Gronis Hardware, Passantino Family Markets’ Country Mart, Lanterne Rouge, Henry Martens GM Superstore, Queen’s Pantry, The Guidance Center and C.A.V.E.
I want to give a very special recognition to Mr. Rick Schwinn who has donated two sets of antlers.
We will be presenting our overall male and female winners a mounted antler plaque as the champions of our race. Early registration ends Nov. 28.

The Applebee’s adult coed kickball league concludes Friday.
A week ago, we may have had the play of the year in the game featuring Kickalob Ultra and Ball Busters. Klaus Sanford demonstrated his speed and athleticism as he stretched his kick into a triple. As Klaus neared third base, he went into an all-out, head-first slide. I have never seen such a scene.
I believe the entire slide took place on his head (face to be exact) into third base. I don’t know if any other part of his body touched the ground.
He had a bigger strawberry on his lip than I’ve ever had on my thigh from sliding. When I checked on him the next day, he informed me that his wife Shannon was not impressed.

In adult women’s’ volleyball, the Drillers continue to set the pace with a record of 5-0. The battle is for second place where Boom and the Dominators are tied at 3-2. The Misfits and Six Pack continue to have enjoyable evenings.

Women remember that the sign-up for our winter volleyball season is currently ongoing. Pass the word so we can increase the size of the league. The registration deadline is Dec. 10.
Late registrations will carry a $25 charge. The season will begin Jan. 21, 2013.

Bitty basketball registration continues until Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. This is for any children ages 3-5, who have not entered the first grade.