When collecting coupons I have found that I get several coupons for the same products.

When collecting coupons I have found that I get several coupons for the same products. Because I do not believe in stockpiling items, a lot of these coupons simply get thrown away. I cannot tell you the amounts of coupons I have for personal hygiene products, laundry detergents and cereals. I simply cannot use all the coupons I receive for these items. However, I would encourage you not to allow your coupons to go to waste.

During the holiday seasons, countless amounts of charities will be hosting fundraisers to collect products for needy families in the area. This is when I find that my coupon skills come in handy. By using coupons I save money on the items that I buy. Therefore, I can donate more items to the charities.

I would encourage you to contact area charities. They can tell you what they need and you can make your selection of charities from there. I have been able to donate countless amounts of laundry detergents, toys, food items, toothpaste and more to several area local charities. I was able to purchase a large amount of products for a drastically reduced price and give it to various charities.

Organizations like the Alliance Against Family Violence, the Leavenworth County Humane Society, Samaritans Purse and charities for deployed soldiers are just a few of the organizations that come to my mind when I think about giving. Ever little bit helps and coupons can help your dollars go further for your organization.

Your giving does not have to end with charitable organizations.
If you still find yourself with a lot of left-over coupons, I would encourage you to pay them forward. If you are not able to use the coupon leave the coupon in the store on the item so that someone else can benefit from the discount.
In this season of giving, I would encourage you to use your couponing skills to help those less fortunate.

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