Visibility is essential when cycling at night.

When you’re committed to something, you sometimes have to go to extreme measures. Such is the case when it comes to night bicycling.

After witnessing a car hit a friend while we cycled north of town on Highway 281, I decided it was time to be more proactive. I already had a bright helmet light and a flashing rear taillight, but obviously that wasn’t enough.

So, after researching several options and reviews on, I’ve added some flash to my nighttime cycling ensemble. My front wheel now features a red spoke light and my back wheel has a green one. I’ve attached a flashing white light on the front of my bike and clipped a second flashing red light to the rear. I also purchased some reflective Scotch lite tape for my helmet. Visibility is my mantra. If I discover anything else that will light me and my bicycle up like a Christmas tree, I’ll probably add that as well.

If someone doesn’t see me now, they probably shouldn’t have a license to drive.

I told a friend in Haviland about my lighted cycling additions and he said if he saw me along the highway he’d think he was seeing a UFO and probably head for the ditch. He also said that if I make too much of a spectacle of myself at night I may have the opposite effect intended. Let’s hope not.

So far, however, I’ve been happy with the results. Since lighting up my ride, I have had numerous cars give me a wide berth while passing. And, by the way, thanks to all of those courteous drivers.