Wine aerators provide instant bold flavor.

While preparing dinner tonight with my father-in-law, Dave, who was visiting from Iowa we enjoyed light conversation and a basic cooking lesson. Dave lives alone and upon each visit he discovers a new dish or cooking technique. He appreciates the health value of homemade meals and strives to avoid canned and premade products when cooking.

Tonight he was introduced to my version of chicken cacciatore, a delicious Italian skillet dish with chicken, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and kalamata olives. But tonight’s lesson went far beyond the main dish.

As we opened a bottle of Rutherford Hill Cabernet Sauvignon we discussed the benefits of a wine aerator. It’s important to allow red wine to breathe after opening the bottle. This provides the chance for the intended aromas to release, providing better tasting wine. The latest trend is to utilize an aerator to expedite the process.

Several years ago my restaurant staff gifted me with an aerator, a product I would not have purchased myself because I am too frugal! But I have to admit, once you have a glass of wine using an aerator, the urge to purchase the tool is strong. Our aerator was produced by Vinturi and can be purchased at most kitchen stores. The $35.99 patented design speeds up the breathing process and delivers a smooth, enhanced finish in the time that it takes to pour one glass of wine.

According to Vinutri instructions one is to "hold the aerator over a glass and pour wine through for instant aeration. It mixes the proper amount of air in the right amount of time. Made of acrylic, the aerator comes with a no-drip stand. It measures 6 inches high and 2 inches wide, and is safe to clean in the dishwasher.”

Be sure to taste a glass of wine before using the aerator then follow the simple steps to using an aerator for the second glass. You will be amazed and pleased with the full, bold flavor that follows.