Let’s jump right into this week’s musings. Wow — On Tuesday night, we had a packed gym for an exciting evening of adult men’s basketball.

Let’s jump right into this week’s musings.
Wow — On Tuesday night, we had a packed gym for an exciting evening of adult men’s basketball.
Bomb Squad lived up to their name as they lit up the scoreboard with 103 points. We were actually wondering if the third digit was going to light up on the scoreboard.
Harry Barton led four Bomb Squaders in double figures with 33 points. He was followed by Randle Berthalter’s 18, Rodney Chambers’ 16 and Jesse Shoemaker’s 14 points.
Then, Zeck Ford, led by Aaron McLaren’s 22 points, defeated Prime Time in a thrilling 47-45 nail-biter. Led by Brandon Dougherty’s 22 points, LV Street Elite was victorious in the evening’s third game.
The crowds were awesome, cheering positively for some exciting roundball action. How can it get any better? Come watch next Tuesday night and see how it can get better.
In Thursday night’s games, we saw some exceptional individual performances.
Mutual Savings, in victory, had Dru Wheatcroft leading the way with 26 points, followed by Tony Williams’ 20 points.
In the evening’s other game, Kyle Snyder, 19 points, led the Angry Ewoks to a thrilling 68-59 victory. Bobby Hauver for Purple Reign also scored 19 in the game.
Not to be outdone, the first night of adult women’s volleyball was the best night of the year.
The Drillers, who breezed through the fall season undefeated by losing only two games the entire season, were taken to the wire in both games in their opening match against the Boom. The Drillers escaped both 25-23 thrillers with wins.
Diggin’ It, formerly the Misfits, revamped their roster. After only scoring double-figure points in four of the 20 games they played in the fall, they broke out this season scoring 23 and 20 points in their first two games, yet both in defeats at the hands of the Dominators.
We appear to be headed to a very highly competitive season
Just a reminder — in order to use any of the facilities at the Riverfront Community Center, there is a nominal daily fee or a person may purchase a pass for an extended membership.
Individuals attending various activities as participants and/or spectators at these events still must pay the fee to utilize these other areas in the facility.
Our youth basketball entered its second week. It is so much fun watching the little children enjoy their activities.
The coaches have the patience of Job. As an outsider, who never observes practice, it is amazing to watch the children improve week to week.
It is like being a grandparent and marveling how much your grandchild has grown in the brief time since you last saw them.
At the  most, several of the teams only have two hours of practice a week — sometimes, due to facility usage by the school district for their school functions, they only get one hour. So, I marvel at the improvement each week and the effort our volunteer coaches give our children.
I have been thrilled as I observe how the referees and coaches work together to make each moment an educational learning situation for the child.
Parents, I commend all of you for the positive support you are providing all of the children on both teams. It is important that we remember our goal is to develop life skills in all of our children.
It is not only a basketball experience. The other skills that we teach our children such as the life skills that we teach during this phase of their life are far more important than winning or losing.
I recognize and appreciate the support everyone is providing our program and our children.
n Speaking of a great experience, Bitty Basketball got underway last Saturday.
The girls’ coaching staff and their players from Leavenworth High School were awesome with our little Bitty Basketballers.
We had little basketballs flying and rolling all over the gym. The children were able to move from one rotation to another throughout the one-hour session that they participated in.
It truly appeared that fun was had by all. We will be back at the Riverfront Community Center gym today for a second installment.
Important notice — Bitty Basketball will be held at David Brewer Elementary School on Feb. 2 and Feb. 9. The times will remain the same.
At this point, I want to again thank Matt Dedeke of the Leavenworth School District for assisting us in locating and reserving a facility for our Bitty Basketballers. I also want to thank Ms. Jofee Tremain, principal of David Brewer Elementary, for her help.
Adult coed volleyball is trying to sneak up on us, but we are not going to let that happen.
We have registration currently going on at this time for the adult coed volleyball season. We will play on Wednesday nights unless we have twelve or more teams, then we will need to have Sunday evenings as a second night of games.
Our 10-game season will begin on Feb. 27. Registration will end on Feb. 18 at 8 p.m. No late registrations will be accepted.
There will be a mandatory coaches meeting on Feb. 20 at 6 p.m. inside the Riverfront Community Center.
I am thrilled to announce that the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department will be partnering again with Brenden Sheehan and the Santa Fe Trails Bike Shop on various biking events.
Our first event will be the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation First City Tryathlon for kids and teens, which will take place in April.
I have been told it is quite the event. This event will be held on April 13 at 8 a.m. The Tryathlon is a fun triathlon for kids and teens to try their skills at three sports: swimming, cycling and running.
This event is open to children ages 7-15.
Tabor Medill is the recreation director for the Leavenworth Parks and Recreation department.