Scripture:   Numbers 3:17 NIV  These were the names of the sons of Levi: Gershon, Kohath and Merari.

Observation:   In this chapter we have listed the three sons of Levi and their sons.  We also see their assignments in transporting the tabernacle through the wilderness into the Promised Land.  The sons of Gershon are assigned the coverings and hangings (verse 25-26).  The sons of Kohath are assigned the furniture (verse 31).  And the sons of Merari are assigned the boards of the tabernacle and the pillars of the fence (verses 36-37) .            

Application:   Sometimes God gives me a specific individual assignment; sometimes God gives a specific assignment to my family, or my church, or to a ministry of which I am a part.  I must be faithful in both settings.  

Prayer:   Lord, may I find joy in serving you individually and joy in serving you as a part of a larger ministry.    Amen 

Pastor Leon
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