The Leavenworth School District is actively seeking the community's input regarding the future usage of educational facilities.

The Leavenworth School District is actively seeking the community's input regarding the future usage of educational facilities.
As part of the final phase of the district's long-range facilities planning effort, an informational presentation and community forum will be held on Monday at West Intermediate (1901 Spruce), beginning at 6:30 p.m. The planning process has included a demographics study and analysis of historic and projected enrollment trends. All with the purpose of developing and evaluating various scenarios for future conditions of decreased, increased, or flat student enrollment.

Leavenworth Public Schools' current configuration includes a high school (grades 9-12), middle school (grades 7-8), intermediate school (grades 5-6), and four elementary schools (pre-K thru 4). The long-range facilities plan evaluates at what point, if ever, would a fifth elementary school become necessary. In the event of reduced enrollment, would a reconfiguration of elementary school buildings (pre-K thru 5th grade), and a middle school (grades 6 thru 8) be a realistic solution for the Leavenworth school community, or is the current elementary, intermediate, and middle school configuration preferred?

The facilities planning team created a number of "flashpoints" to determine if, and or when, a facility usage decision would need to be made based on the number of projected students per school building. Monday's community forum will allow attendees a chance to share their thoughts and opinions based on the information presented.

Community input is a key component of the process. District representatives and members of the planning team will be on-hand to guide meeting attendees through the planning process and answer questions. Attendees will have the opportunity to review multiple design scenarios and combinations of school closures or expansions (including a no-build, "as-is" option), dependent on enrollment projections. Most importantly, community members will have an opportunity to provide feedback. Similar presentations and discussions are also taking place with staff in each of the district's school buildings.

The Leavenworth School District is committed to the Board of Education's goal of maximizing funding and prioritizing spending based on the educational needs of our students, while ensuring adequate and safe educational facilities. Once complete, the district's Long-Range Facilities Plan will be revisited on an annual basis.
That plan, with an increased understanding of the Leavenworth community's desired solutions and outcomes, will result in a truly collaborative and proactive approach to effectively preparing for future conditions.

Submitted by the Leavenworth School District.