Go ahead and snicker, I love old cowboy movies. A nostalgic thing probably.

To the editor:
Go ahead and snicker, I love old cowboy movies. A nostalgic thing probably.

My family bought a 20-CD set of 50 full-length movies for me. How did I get addicted? Well, my uncle took me to the Lyceum Theatre (now a vacant lot next to Sadtk's) on Saturday nights for working all week for my grandparents on their truck farm.

We did not go to the Orpheum Theatre (now a vacant lot between Fourth and Fifth streets) because they had sophisticated movies, we wanted actions. My folks took me to the Kimo Theatre that was situated in the middle of the block between Second and Third streets, where the vacant motel now sets.

Not many people remember it. I do because my folks took me to a picture entitled "Marijuana." Guess they did not want me to go astray. I was scared to death and didn't understand it and never tried it.

When we went to the picture show on Saturday night we covered the dirt on our shoes with black liquid shoe polish, put on clean overalls, white T-shirt and no socks. We could not afford socks then. I remember the years because I scratched the years 29, 30, 31 and 32 with a nail on the dash of our Model A truck. My grandfather thought that was dumb. He was right.

We paid 10 cents to go to the movies and 5 cents for popcorn. Man, we were in Seventh Heaven. Just as we entered there was a space of about 20 feet separated from the seats with a banister close to 4 feet tall with a 3-foot curtain blocking the view of the screen. We raised the curtain enough to see the picture. I stood on a shaky wooden coke case to see over the bannister. That was there the smokers stood and my uncle was a smoker. I wanted one too but did not know how to roll them.

Oh, yes! The oldies. Hoot Gibson, Clearing the Range (1931), Tom Tyler, Mystery Ranch (1934), Jack Perrin, The Apache Kid (1930), Tex Ritter, Trouble in Texas (1937). The last was Rita Hayworth's first picture and she sure did not look like the "It" girl of World War II. But why go on? You will only go into ecstasy.