Being the mom of two children, I find myself always on the mission of cleaning my house.

Being the mom of two children, I find myself always on the mission of cleaning my house.

However, I find that if you are constantly having to buy cleaning products, it can be extremely expensive. I also have discovered that my son has sensitivities to a lot of cleaning products. However, I have found several homemade cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and will not break the bank.

One of my favorite "cleaning" products I just discovered is Cream of Tartar. My burners on my stove had really gotten nasty over the years. I have tried countless cleaning products that would not get all of the rust off of my stove top. I would scrub and scrub and nothing would take it off.

However, a few days ago I was on the Internet and someone posted a recipe for using Cream of Tartar to clean your stove top. I made the Cream of Tarter concoction and the rust came right up! My stove top looks good as new and I only had to use a small amount of Cream of Tartar to use it.

Another favorite affordable "cleaning product is vinegar. I have used vinegar for years. I find vinegar is a great grout cleaner and works better than any cleaner I use to make counter tops and faucets shiny.
I have also found that a little vinegar and baking soda also makes for wonderful drain cleaner. For years, we have had constant problems with poor drainage in our home. I cannot tell you the countless amount of toxic expensive drain cleaner we've used in an effort to help our sinks and tubs drain, but nothing really seemed to work.
When looking on the Internet for non-toxic drain cleaner, my husband found a recipe for a baking soda and vinegar drain cleaner. The mixture worked beautifully and has been the most effective least expensive drain cleaner we have used to date.

For those looking to clean their homes, let me recommend using simple cleaning products. A lot of homemade cleaning products are inexpensive, are non-toxic and actually in many cases do a better job than the expensive store- bought brand.

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