The Times recent editorials on "illegal immigrants"demands a response.

The Times recent editorials on "illegal immigrants"demands a response. First of all, evading the border patrol or deliberately overstaying a visa granted in good faith is not immigrating, illegals are not immigrants! They are in our country for one reason, to work CHEAP. They are here to work below the base wage of American society.

These third-world wage levels equal BIG PROFITS for their illegal employers. Many of these criminal businesses are not viable or are only marginally profitable in the American marketplace, but with illegal employees subsidized by the rest of us they become big money makers. How are these illegals subsidized? They do not make enough to pay income or property taxes needed to educate their children, their medical care is paid with public money meant to care for poor Americans, and thanks to President Bush they are eligible for food stamps and other programs that should be helping our needy citizens. That is right, the illegals do not even need to be paid enough to feed themselves, the taxpayers take care of that for their crooked bosses!
The solution is to arrest and prosecute these illegal businesses and deport the illegals. Between them these two groups have caused great damage to the American economy and society. These actions would be a boon to wages and honest businesses.