In my opinion, Buffalo Bill Days was a big success.

In my opinion, Buffalo Bill Days was a big success. I was busy with family things like a soccer match and a birthday party during most of the day Saturday, but I did get to work in our Artists' Association booth Saturday evening and I would say that it was a wonderful event with good attendance.

I especially liked the footprint of the event which was laid out in Haymarket Square and in the empty lot to the east.
Only one street was closed and since it has no stores located there, it is usually a seldom used street anyway and it was perfect for the outhouse races.

They were well attended with people packing both sides of the street. The centrally located restrooms were especially beneficial, too.
It is amazing to think that Leavenworth had two big events going on at the same time in almost the same place on the same weekend. Main Street had their barbeque contest and fair right next to Fourth Street which served to attract people who were just driving through town and may not have seen the Buffalo Bill Days activities just a block or two to the west.

While they were different from each other, I think that it worked out well enough.

The food at Hay Market was plentiful with vendors selling all sorts of favorites, but I limited myself to a tasty Italian sausage and to a couple of dill pickles. The lines were pretty long at most of the food booths, so I hope that everyone made a decent profit and will be back next year. I know that there is already a committee forming to plan for next year.

Personally, I don't need my music really loud, but I can say that there was plenty of it from several venues and I enjoyed it.
The main stage area was packed after the outhouse races were over and people either sat around or stood and visited while the bands played.
There was also plenty of food and beverage being handled all evening, too.

I did not stick around long enough to see if people were going to dance, but there was plenty of space in front of the stage for dancing.
The way I understand it, all of the performers were non-paid volunteers as were the vendors and food booths. One benefit of not having to pay a booth fee, is that everyone could keep the prices down a little bit and still make more profit. I know that my Italian sausage was a good deal for the cost that I paid being probably half of what I would have to pay at a major sports venue.

And having volunteer music groups did not mean that the entertainment was not of high quality.
Everything that I listened to was tops and I assume that the large crowd was a good indication that they thought that the performers were top-notch, too.

I really enjoyed visiting with several of the artists and making valuable contacts for future ideas and events. For me, making these contacts was the most valuable part of the party.
Generally speaking, I think that the vendors enjoyed the affair and I think that the good vibes means that the word will go out that Buffalo Bill Days is a worthwhile venture and something to look forward to next year. Of course, the weather had everything to do with attendance.
It always does, but the quality of the whole event will at least give people the desire to come back again next year.

In the meantime, Buffalo Bill Days continues on the third weekend in September with the bicycle rides on Saturday and the downtown races on Sunday.
Come on down and enjoy the activities in downtown Leavenworth.

Matt Nowak lives in Lansing and works as a natural resources manager.