I have discovered we very much live in an instant society. We hate waiting and want things now

I have discovered we very much live in an instant society. We hate waiting and want things now. I find this is an extremely true statement when it comes to watching movies.

I have to admit my family loves watching movies.

However, we do not like paying full movie prices.
Seeing a movie at a local theater can be quite expensive.
By the time you add snacks, movie tickets and drinks you pay a small fortune to see a movie. I refuse to pay a fortune.

One way you can save money at the movies is by waiting and not immediately going out and watch the movie as soon as it is released.
One of the best ways we save money on movies is by not seeing them in the theater. In some instances, we wait until it comes on in our paid programming of our cable channels.

If we use this method it typically costs under $5 to see the movie and we eat popcorn for under a dollar at home.
If the movie does not come out on paid cable programming, we wait to purchase the movie in the stores.

If you purchase the movie the first day it goes on sale in the store, you can usually purchase the movie for $15. Fifteen dollars for a family of four is still much cheaper than seeing it in the movie theater and you can watch the movie as many times as you would like.

For those who cannot wait to see the newest releases and must see the movie as soon as it is released, then let me recommend gift cards.
My family is always asking me what I would like for any given holiday.
If you are a movie junkie, ask those looking for gift ideas to purchase you a gift card to your nearest theater.
This will allow you to see your favorite show without breaking the bank.

Remember there is no reason you need to spend a fortune on entertainment. You can have fun and do not have to spend a lot.
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