1. You said your team has had the McLouth game circled on their calendars. Have you seen a difference in practice this week because of that?

Yes, the boys know that a league title is on the line and have approached practice with a business like attitude. My seniors have taken an big role in creating this approach. This group of seniors has not beaten McLouth, and they really want this one bad.

2. How much of a gauge do you have on McLouth since they haven't played a league game yet?

We know they are a good team with lots of skill player threats regardless of who they have played. That being said, they have had a tough schedule thus far and we have emphasized that to our team.

3. How important would it be to get your fourth win of the season this early after finishing with four wins all of last season?

Very important. The boys have displayed excellent commitment to improving on our season last year throughout the offseason and so far this season.
It goes a long way in building a program when the boys see results for all their hard work.

4. Will you face different challenges against McLouth compared to your first four opponents?

Yes, they put up a lot of points and passing yards against us last year, and we will have to be able to stop the big play if we want to win this game.

5. Is this the win you need to be able to win the league?

With the way the league is playing out, we must win every league game to get a league title or at least a share of the title.