1. What is the Pioneer 5K Off-Road Challenge?
It is a fun race, mostly off-road, on the trails behind the high school and includes some of the obstacles on the JROTC trail.
There is also a 1-mile fun run for those who don't want to run that far.

2. This is a fundraiser for the Leavenworth High School wrestling team.
When is it?
Nov. 16 at 9 a.m., at Leavenworth High School. Our slogan for the race is come get messy with us.
We have a special raffle for our veteran and active duty runners.

3. Why is this run different from other races?
Runners will jump over logs, run up two steep hills, navigate Army-style obstacles, run on trails, gravel and concrete and no one should finish clean.
We anticipate that mud will also be part of the fun.

4. How hard is it and can everyone do it?
Yes, this race is not about your time on the clock, but about your fun time on the course. So take it as fast or slow as you like.
There will be wrestlers and JROTC Raiders along to route to help runners. The steep hills have ropes to assist you up and the obstacles are relatively simple.

5. How do people sign up for this run?
Either go to enter2run.com and sign up, or come to the high school between 7:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. for race day registration.
The cost is $30 for the 5K (students are $20, couples are $50) and $10 for the 1-mile run.