It is that time of year again when people get in trouble with purchases.

It is that time of year again when people get in trouble with purchases. People spend more than they can afford for the holidays and find themselves in debt.
The holidays can be expensive. However, they do not have to be. Strive in having a simple Christmas.

Do not get wrapped up in purchasing lots of presents and keeping up with the Jones.

If you cannot afford it, do not buy it. Do you leave the holidays in credit card debt. Try to make memories and keep your Christmas on a budget.
One of the ways you can keep your Christmas simple is by making your own Christmas ornaments.

Just the other day I found a recipe for making your own ornaments. All it consists of is flour, salt and cookie cutters. I thought this would be a great activity to participate in with my children and to keep for our tree or to hand them out as presents.

We also do not go out and purchase Christmas music.
We have already found several radio stations that have begun playing Christmas music. We enjoy celebrating in the season and we are not breaking the bank.
Our family also enjoys making Christmas cookies.

These are great things to give to neighbors, teachers and friends.
It is a fun activity to participate in with your family and fun gifts to give away.
I am also not afraid to recycle toys. I find by recycling toys I save a lot of money.
Many of the toys that I have purchased for my children this holiday season have been previously loved. I have found my items at yard sales, consignment sites and eBay.

Not only am I bringing life back into a new toy, but I am also saving lots of money.
I have to admit I love sending out Christmas cards.
However, I purchased the cards during the end of Christmas clearance last year.
The cards cost me very little. For those family members who love receiving photos of my family, I also saved money.

Instead of spending a lot of money on professional photos, I received 50 free photos in a special offer this year and took my favorite print of the entire family and made free prints to give away this holiday season.
I will be honest with you. I cannot tell you many of the gifts that I received for Christmas as a child.
However, the memories I made with my parents have lasted me a lifetime.

I would encourage my readers to not get caught up in the holiday shopping bonanza. Instead make memories, they are far better than any purchase under the tree.

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