RE: Obamacare and the Constitution

To the editor:
RE: Obamacare and the Constitution

The author likes to draw his own conclusions from my article by referencing my examples, i.e. Rulebook.. hostage.. ignoring the bottom line.
Hostage taking is nonsense? (hostage - one that is involuntarily controlled by an outside influence), the definition fits what occurred with the government shutdown.
Tripe, (Tripe - rubbish) and the reference to the U.S. Constitution, I used the analogy. No matter what I call it, the Constitution, which I treasure is not demeaned by my reference as a rulebook.

The Senate sent bills to the House that were not voted on because the Speaker of the House did not have enough votes to overturn it.
If the Speaker of the House did have the votes to reject the bill, then what was the reason it was not voted on.

The bills sent to the Senate were not going to pass because the majority of the Senate had already passed the bill that was sent to the House.
Majority Rules, …a philosophy of a democracy not a constitutional republic, which is a different animal, praise be. Democracy nor a constitutional republic are not an animal by any definition that I found.

At least there is one truth, We agree to Disagree, oops I better check my definition and or analogy.