To the editor:
The editorial in the May 2 Leavenworth Times was an import from Clay Center that sought to criticize elimination of teacher tenure. It exhibits some degree of split personality, as when asserting that poor teachers could always be fired, but just weren't.
The writer never attempted to explain why those charged with supervising the education of children would put up with poor teachers. My experience suggests it was because the administrator was forced to choose between devoting himself to the complexities of ridding himself of one poor teacher versus addressing all other aspects of his job.
But then we were told administrators are merely teachers who were "kicked upstairs" because they were unable to perform in class.
But wait again.
We are next informed that administrators, who are judged on their success in eliciting educational achievement, cannot wait to get rid of the best teachers.
At that point I threw up my hands and concluded the editorial writer merely set out to peddle the teacher union view.

Al Stevens