To the editor:
The National Defense Authorization Act section 1021, the Patriot Act section 215, RICO, the Espionage Act and Free Speech Zones are all violations to your constitutional rights and it’s likely you haven’t heard of many of them due to the fact the corporate media and our Congressional leaders have done their best to ensure that you haven’t.
The rate at which our Constitutional rights are being stripped from us is astonishing, and unfortunately, we have recently seen yet another blow to the Bill of Rights.
The Obama administration recently released a memo from the Department of Justice justifying the use of lethal force against Americans. In it, the Department of Justice argues that the authorization to use military force, granted by Congress, allows the military to assassinate American citizens in the event they pose an immediate threat to American personnel or pose a threat to American interests.
Unfortunately, as we have seen with many military actions throughout recent history, those interests are not well defined and leaves the public questioning what exactly it takes for their government to assassinate their peers. To date, the Obama administration has assassinated four American citizens, depriving them not only of their life and liberty but their Constitutional right to trial by jury.
While the argument may be made that these people posed a threat to American personnel, we know for a fact that one of those four Americans was a 16-year-old boy looking for his father who had been assassinated a few weeks before in a drone strike. The boy, as reported by Jeremy Scahill in his documentary "Dirty Wars," had no ties to terroristic activities and was living with his grandparents at the time.
Unfortunately, as we have seen with the other Constitutional violations mentioned above, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins has done nothing to combat these attacks to our Constitutional rights. In fact, she has voted for several unconstitutional bills herself. This fact alone is enough to justify the need for someone in office who is willing to fight and speak for our Constitution.
Our forefathers left us with a document intended to keep the forces of tyranny at bay and to make America a beacon of freedom and liberty. It is with that purpose that I am running to unseat Jenkins in November. It is time the folks in Kansas have a voice that is willing to stand for liberty and that's exactly what I intend to be.

Chris Clemmons
Libertarian candidate, U.S. House, Kansas Second District