To the editor:
Having served in the armed forces, I knew my work and the sacrifices of those around me were never made in vain. I strived to create a better future for my family, my community and my country.
Now, I am concerned about what that future will look like under President Barack Obama’s regulatory reign.
In particular, the Obama administration’s proposed carbon regulations will fundamentally alter our lives in Kansas and across America — for the worse. Under his plan, coal use will be severely limited, and as a result, energy costs will, in the president’s words, “necessarily skyrocket.”
Considering that 61 percent of Kansas’ electricity comes from coal, all of us will shoulder the burden of higher electricity prices. President Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency have yet to provide any real solutions to the many challenges associated with these regulations, but that isn’t stopping them from moving forward.
Simply put, the president is placing politics before the well-being of the American people, which not only threatens domestic consequences, like lost jobs and diminished grid reliability, but also risks America’s energy independence and global economic competitiveness.
The Kansas Legislature passed, and Gov. Sam Brownback signed, HB 2636 earlier this year. I voted for this legislation, as it is an important step in asserting the role the EPA usurped from us when the agency proposed these regulations.
HB 2636, however, must be part of a much broader and more aggressive effort that includes Kansas consumers and businesses standing up and taking action — before President Obama puts us on a path that cannot be reversed.

Steve Fitzgerald