A Lansing man has been sentenced to almost three years in prison for stabbing another man in the chest.

A Lansing man has been sentenced to almost three years in prison for stabbing another man in the chest.

Christopher L. Allison, 50, was sentenced Friday in Leavenworth County District Court for one count of aggravated battery.

The charge stemmed from a Feb. 2 incident at his residence in Lansing.

Officers found an unconscious 47-year-old man on the floor of the residence. The man had been stabbed in his upper chest area, Lansing Police Chief Steve Wayman said.

The victim survived.

Allison pleaded guilty last month to the battery charge as part of a plea agreement with the prosecution.

The prosecutor, Assistant County Attorney Adam Zentner, agreed to a joint recommendation for a 34-month sentence.

A 44-month prison sentence was considered to be the standard sentence in Allison's case under state guidelines.

Zentner also agreed to dismiss a case pending against Allison's brother.

Allison was scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday, but the matter was continued for two days to allow defense attorney Michael Willcott time to file a motion to depart from the standard sentence.

In court Friday, Willcott asked District Judge Gunnar Sundby to follow the sentencing recommendation of the plea agreement.

"It's my understanding the victim is basically on board, in agreement also," Willcott said.

When given the opportunity to address the judge, Allison indicated he didn't wish to say anything.

Sundby ruled there was a substantial and compelling reason to depart from the standard sentence, and imposed the 34-month sentence.

"You'll be getting credit for time served," Sundby said.

Allison has remained in custody at Leavenworth County Jail during his case.

Sundby said the defendant would receive credit for 201 days in custody.

The case that had been filed against Allison's brother, Anthony E. Allison, involved a charge of interfering with the judicial process. It had been alleged that Anthony Allison washed the knife used in the stabbing.