The life of King Tut, the centerpiece of Union Station Kansas City's current exhibit, is shrouded in questions, Union Station Chief Marketing Officer Michael Tritt said.

The life of King Tut, the centerpiece of Union Station Kansas City's current exhibit, is shrouded in questions, Union Station Chief Marketing Officer Michael Tritt said.
How did the Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty die? Why were his treasures discovered nearly intact? How did he live as a king at such a young age, 9 years old?
An exhibit at Union Station that has been extended seeks to answer these questions and more. Tritt has more for the Leavenworth Times in this Q5.

1. Why did Kansas City's Union Station decide to extend the showing of The Discovery of King Tut exhibit? How can people get tickets?
"The response to The Discovery of King Tut has been terrific. To date, over 106,000 visitors have marveled at the recreated tombs and treasure. As the exhibition schedule entered the final month, we saw no sign of slowing interest. In fact, attendance numbers continued to grow week-over-week to the point we knew demand would justify an extra week at least. We negotiated with the producers of the exhibition and they were quick to respond with a new closing date. Even with the extra week, we expect a strong attendance right up to the last hour.
"We highly recommend people go online to and reserve tickets and visit times. This essentially holds a place in line and reduces a potentially longer wait. Locking in tickets and times guarantees your visit to this world-class exhibition."

2. Why do you think the mysteries and treasures of King Tut fascinate so many people and how has attendance been so far?
"Attendance so far has put The Discovery of King Tut in the top 5 exhibitions we’ve hosted at Union Station. It’s been a wildly successful tour for us, and it’s not hard to understand why. The fascination with buried treasure, ancient Egypt, the boy king and the many mysteries still being unwound about Tut are timeless.
"School children typically learn about Tut in the fifth, sixth or seventh grades. The magic of Tut takes hold early and often lasts a lifetime.
"Additionally, there are so many layers of mystery when it comes to the time of Tut. How did he die? Why were his treasures the only ever discovered nearly 100 percent intact? Who were his mother and father? How did he live as king at the young age of 9 years old? It goes on and on. So much gold. So much ceremony. So much symbolism and meaning."
3.Union Station was selected to host the North American premier of this world tour. What is it about Union Station that provides the perfect venue for events such as this and is this exhibit one of the highlights of your 100th anniversary celebration?
"Union Station was and is honored to be selected as the North American premiere host for The Discovery of King Tut. Having toured over 23 European cultural centers, it might sound odd that Kansas City was selected. Why not New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta? The answer is actually simple: Union Station had an established and strong reputation for presenting exhibitions of this size very successfully.
"Further Kansas City and the entire region had proven again and again an appetite for world-class, educational tours. Combined with our enormous Bank of America Gallery — nearly 20,000 square feet — it all fit together for an easy decision by the European and American producers. And, yes, this is the largest exhibition we’ve hosted at Union Station."

4. What are some of the many artifacts from this fascinating period in history that will be on display?
"In addition to nearly 1,000 total objects, some of the most fascinating aspects of the exhibition are the recreated tombs to show visitors what Howard Carter originally found as he opened the entrances in 1922. The recreations are in exact detail and took nearly five years to craft and assemble by Egyptian artisans. It’s a very rare glimpse into the history of one of the most significant archeological discoveries ever made."

5. How would you describe the educational value of this exhibit for children and adults alike?
"School groups have flooded this exhibition. The educational value is truly priceless. Even in the age of amazing online learning and technology, there’s nothing that can replace a live experience with this exact recreation and up-close encounters with amazing 3D detail. Likewise, adults of all ages have marveled at the learning experience.
"The content is rich and massive. The fact that we supply a free personal audio guide to each guest is icing on the cake. No need to read tiny print on small signs. You literally listen to history coming alive from start to finish."