The Leavenworth County results from last week's election have now been certified.

The Leavenworth County results from last week's election have now been certified.

County commissioners certified the election in their role as the county's Board of Canvassers.

County Clerk Janet Klasinski, who is the county's chief election officer, reviewed the results with the commissioners Monday morning.

Earlier unofficial results changed Monday after more than 200 provisional ballots were counted. But the additional votes did not change the outcomes of any of the individual races in the county, Klasinski said.

With the inclusion of the provisional ballots, a total of 20,119 ballots were cast in Leavenworth County for the Nov. 4 general election.

That represents a 42.97 percent voter turnout for the election, which Klasinski said is about on an even keel with past elections.

More than 5,100 ballots were cast through advance voting, which she said represents a slight increase.

The location that saw the highest percentage of voter turnout was in Reno Township in southwest Leavenworth County. Klasinski said this township had a turnout of about 55 percent.

One polling location, the Veterans of Foreign War hall in Tonganoxie, had to temporarily close on Election Day because of a bomb threat. But Klasinski said voters who were turned away at that site had the opportunity to vote at another location.

Klasinski said her office ended up with 320 provisional ballots from the Nov. 4 election.

"Each one of these provisionals is looked at individually," she said.

She said a determination has to be made regarding whether each provisional ballot qualifies to be counted.

Klasinski said 205 of the provisional ballots qualified to be counted in full.

There were 12 that could only be partially counted. She said these dozen provisional ballots were cast by people who went to the wrong polling place, and they ended casting votes in the wrong state legislative, County Commission or township districts.

The votes that were cast in the incorrect districts were not counted.

"The rest of the ballot will be qualified," Klasinski said.

She said there were 108 provisional ballots that were not counted at all. Most of them were not considered qualified because the voters were not registered.

She said six provisional ballots were not counted because the voters had not provided proof of citizenship, which state law now requires for people who register to vote for the first time.

During Monday's meeting, commissioners and Klasinski removed the qualified provisional ballots from their envelopes so the votes could be counted by machine.

After the votes had been counted in the County Clerk's Office, commissioners voted unanimously to certify the election results.