Army Maj. Edward Graham said he doesn't mind talking about his famous family.

Army Maj. Edward Graham said he doesn't mind talking about his famous family.

Graham, who is a military student at Fort Leavenworth, is the grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham and son of the Rev. Franklin Graham.

Maj. Graham acknowledges that his grandfather means a lot to many people.

"They tell me their story," he said.

He said people will tell him they accepted Christ while watching one of his grandfather's television programs or one of the famous minister's events.

Maj. Graham is a member of a class at the Command and General Staff College that will graduate later this year.

He said his wife and children have loved the Leavenworth community. He said Leavenworth has a great small town feel.

"My wife and I needed a break," he said.

A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, Maj. Graham has been deployed seven times to Afghanistan and Iraq.

He was wounded by shrapnel in Iraq.

Only one of the deployments lasted for a year. The others were for four months at a time. Maj. Graham said he's been deployed to combat for a total of about three years, which is half of his daughter's life.

He also has two younger sons.

Maj. Graham is the third son of Franklin Graham, and he has a younger sister.

Maj. Graham grew up in Boone, North Carolina.

He traveled a lot with his father growing up and met famous people but his parents kept him grounded.

Maj. Graham admits to being mesmerized by only one celebrity he met ― Johnny Cash.

"I was called to the Army," Maj. Graham said.

He hopes to serve as a battalion commander before retiring from the Army. He said he's not looking to become an ordained minister after leaving the military, but he's interested in relief work.

He said he would like build instead of tear down.