Immaculata Catholic High School's Athletic Director and head boy's basketball coach Bronson Schaake has accepted an offer from Kingman High School, a 3A school near Wichita, to coach their boy's basketball program.
His decision vacates both jobs immediately, and though he said the job listing has already received a lot of interest, no hiring decision has been made. Schaake said he doesn't expect any hiring for the athletic director job until recently hired Leavenworth Regional Catholic Schools President and Immaculata Principal Richard Geraci starts working in July.
Schaake finished last season with the Raiders at 4-14, it was his third season as head coach and first school year as athletic director.
He began interviewing for jobs when the future of Immaculata remained up in the air, and was offered the job in late May.
He said it was difficult to decide to leave a program that he feels is just starting to turn the corner.
"It was a tough decision," Schaake said. "That was the toughest thing was to see that they've been working and they're trying to change (the team's culture) and the look on their faces, that kind of stuff. They're good kids."
Immaculata's head girl's basketball coach and boy's assistant coach James Bishop, who was brought to the school by Schaake, will be staying with the Raiders.
Though he will no longer be at the helm, he said he expects great improvements from his former team in the years to come.
"The foundation is set," Schaake said. "I think it's just a matter of time before they start buying in completely and start winning around there."