Miles Fineburg is an executive at Terror Films in Los Angeles. In this Q5 he talks about Leavenworth filmmakers Aaron and Austin Keeling and their new film The House on Pine Street.

Miles Fineburg is an executive at Terror Films in Los Angeles. In this Q5 he talks about Leavenworth filmmakers Aaron and Austin Keeling and their new film The House on Pine Street.

1. Miles, why did your company, Terror Films, decide to distribute the film, The House on Pine Street, which was produced by Leavenworth filmmakers Aaron and Austin Keeling?
I first came across The House on Pine Street when I met with Raven Banner Entertainment, the international sales agent for the film, at the American Film Market.
After being shown a clip I immediately requested a screener realizing the talent and skill involved in the film.
At Terror Films we are always looking for quality films that are a cut above, especially in the micro-budget space, and we felt that this film in particular exemplified all the attributes we look for.

2. On what platforms will the movie be released and will it eventually be shown in movie theaters?
The film will be available Friday, Sept. 30 on most digital platforms including: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, YouTube, Vimeo On Demand, VUDU, Xbox and PlayStation.
At this current time there are no further plans to place it in theaters which is what makes the Kansas City screening so special.

3. What is the basic story of The House on Pine Street and should viewers prepare to be scared?
The story centers on Jennifer, played by Emily Goss, who is seven months pregnant and has just moved back to her hometown after a mental breakdown. As she contends with the stress of moving to a new home, being pregnant and her overbearing mother, she also begins to notice strange things happening in the house. As more strange events start to occur Jennifer begins to believe that the house is haunted. While her husband and mother think she is beginning to have another mental breakdown, Jennifer attempts to find out if something is haunting her house or if she is simply losing her mind.
I definitely think viewers should be prepared to be scared by the film. It has a great sense of tension and dread throughout and the performances really draw the audience into Jennifer's frayed mental state.

4. Where did the production on the film take place? When and where will the special screening in Kansas City take place and how can people find out more about attending?
The film was shot locally in Leavenworth, and Independence, Missouri. This is part of the reason that we decided to have this screening in Kansas City. The special event screening will take place on Tuesday, Sept.  27 at 7:30 p.m. at the Alamo Drafthouse - Kansas City.  For more details and to buy tickets you have to go to the Eventbrite page:
For all the latest news and updates regarding the film and its release people should head to the official The House on Pine Street Facebook page (, and follow the Terror Films social media accounts: Facebook(, Twitter( and Instagram(@terrorfilms).

5. What has impressed you the most about working with the Keelings and do you think they have a promising future in the film industry?
While I can't speak to working with them on set since we only became involved in the distribution process, I can say that working with them in the buildup to the release has been nothing but exceptional. They are clearly smart and talented filmmakers. I feel that their ability to tell interesting, character-driven stories like The House on Pine Street  will only continue to bring them great success in the film industry.
— Rimsie McConiga