Two ambassadors from one of Leavenworth's sister cities are visiting the area this week.

Two ambassadors from one of Leavenworth’s sister cities are visiting the area this week.

Sarah Navin and Jes Smith arrived in Leavenworth on Tuesday. They are from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia.

Navin and Smith are visiting Leavenworth after competing in the Miss Wagga Wagga Quest competition. In November 2016, Navin, who is a television journalist, was crowned Miss Wagga Wagga and Smith, who is a paralegal, was named Community Princess.

Entrants in the contest are judged as they raise money for charity. And each year, the winners visit one of Wagga Wagga’s three sister cities.

The two visitors from Wagga Wagga will spend a total of seven days in Leavenworth. Their itinerary includes tours of Leavenworth High School, the University of Saint Mary and the Kansas City Kansas Community College Pioneer Career Center. They also will be touring Fort Leavenworth, according to Kristi Lee, manager of the Leavenworth Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Navin said she is keen on seeing the Army installation.

“Everyone is talking about Fort Leavenworth,” she said.

The visitors from Australia said Wagga Wagga, which has a population of about 63,000, also is a military town with two bases.

Navin and Smith also will be attending events in the downtown area during their visit to Leavenworth. They also will be taking a trip down a section of 20th Street in Leavenworth that is known as Wagga Wagga Drive.

They said the city of Wagga Wagga has a street named Leavenworth Drive.

The Australian visitors also will be attending events in the greater Kansas City area including a Royals baseball game and the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, according to Lee.

During their first full day in Leavenworth on Wednesday, Navin and Smith attended a Rotary Club meeting and toured the Leavenworth Police Department and City Hall. They also attended a reception organized by city officials.

Navin and Smith said they already have noticed some differences between Wagga Wagga and this region of the United States.

Upon arriving at Kansas City International Airport, they noticed a sign for a tornado shelter.

They also had the opportunity to hear Leavenworth County’s outdoor warning sirens during a monthly test Wednesday.

Navin said she also has noticed a difference in the size of the houses in Leavenworth.

“They’re all very grand, two-story houses,” she said.

The affiliation between Wagga Wagga and Leavenworth was established in 1962, according to website for the Australian city.

Leavenworth Mayor Nancy Bauder said she will be taking a trip to Wagga Wagga at the end of October.

Leavenworth has another sister city, Omihachiman, Japan. Representatives of that city are scheduled to visit Leavenworth next month.

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