The final stages of construction are under way at the Leavenworth Interfaith Community of Hope.

Interior walls will be erected next week at the facility, located at Third and Kiowa streets.

Then the walls will be painted and the facility cleaned for a grand opening sometime in the middle of January.

“It’s coming along and it’s going to be wonderful,” said Sister Vickie Perkins, director of the facility.

She said construction was interrupted for a short time because some materials did not arrive on time.

“We’ve got a lot done, but things keep popping up,” she said.

Perkins said construction has gone as planned but a storage loft was added during the build.

“It will give us a lot more storage space,” Perkins said.

The 6,000-square foot facility will house Welcome Central, a homeless shelter and a day shelter.

Scores of volunteer workers have donated their efforts in the construction of the facility, Perkins said. She said much of the interior work has been done by volunteers from businesses and contractors in the community.

The facility will employ only two part-time workers for just two hours each day. All other workers at the facility are volunteers.

Construction of the facility began in November 2016. Since then, workers have cleared trees, leveled ground, poured concrete, installed plumbing and electricity and constructed the frame.

Perkins said the agency has surpassed its fundraising goal of $600,000.

“People have been very generous,” she said. “Leavenworth is a very generous town.”

About 20 people currently sleep each night at the homeless shelter located at 716 N. Fifth St. But Perkins said that since the shelter is located on the second floor of the building, it is not accessible to some people. The new shelter is a one-story facility.

Welcome Central is a information clearinghouse for community services and serves about 40 people each day. Welcome Central also is a transportation resource for some people. Perkins said volunteers drive about 32,000 miles each year transporting people in the area.

Perkins said the day shelter will be available for people who need a “safe place to stay” during the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter.

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