The Pet Shelter Angel Tree at Leavenworth Animal Control Shelter is a great way to help homeless dogs and cats this Christmas season.

The Pet Shelter Angel Tree at Leavenworth Animal Control Shelter is a great way to help homeless dogs and cats this Christmas season. In this Q5, shelter volunteer coordinator Carol Turner talks about how the tree helps animals.

1. Carol, why is the Pet Shelter Angel Tree at Leavenworth’s Animal Control Shelter a great way for community members to help the homeless dogs and cats at the shelter?
The Pet Angel Tree at the Leavenworth animal shelter is a great way for people to help the homeless dogs and cats by donating things the pets and staff use on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly.

2. How does the Angel Tree work?
It's pretty easy - the Shelter has a list of items needed, people can pick up those items wherever they shop and bring them to the shelter and place them under the tree.

3. What sorts of food and products does the shelter need the most and what is on the Angel Tree list?
The Shelter's biggest needs and what they use every single day is non-clumping cat litter, cat beds, dry cat food, dry kitten food, paté-style wet cat food, dry dog food, moist dog food, hard dog toys that we fill with peanut butter and freeze), laundry pods, dish soap, donations for vet services, dog leashes, paper towels, puppy pads, flea treatment, poop bags, pooped scoopers, duster refills, Magic erasers and treats for dogs and cats are always good.  These are fairly inexpensive items. I've seen the cat beds at a local super store for less than $7  and the laundry pods I saw this week at a large super saver store for less than $4.  The hard dog toys are used for enrichment so the dogs have  a toy to play with over the weekend.  Soft toys tend to get destroyed so we prefer the hard toys.  The shelter does not need any dog shampoo - they had so much shampoo this summer that they sent several boxes as well as other items to the pets in need after Hurricane Harvey.

4. Is it important to emphasize that adopting a pet as a holiday gift is not always a good idea, but encouraging donors to responsibly consider adopting a pet during the holiday season is a great idea?
Yes, it's always best to consider every family member when looking at adding a new pet to the home.  We always, always recommend to potential adopters to bring the whole family in, even the furry ones, to do a meet and greet in the dog or cat meet rooms so we can ensure a good match.  We've had some really great adoptions at the shelter by people bringing in their dogs on leash to meet dogs and cats.  We can also take the dogs out into the large outdoor runs if we need more room for the meet and greet.  
One unforeseen issue with surprising people with a pet is allergies.  Many pets get returned because the recipient of the pet turns out to be allergic to the dog or cat.   

5. What are the shelter hours, where is it located and how can people find out more information?
The Leavenworth animal shelter is open for adoptions Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except holidays).
We had several adoptions the day after Thanksgiving.
The shelter is also open the second Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The shelter is located at 2019 S. 3rd Street, behind Price Chopper
The shelter's Petfinder page is:
Most all of the pets available for adoption are on the Petfinder page.

— Rimsie McConiga