Thursday will mark the official beginning of winter.

Thursday will mark the official beginning of winter.

And it may soon feel more like winter in Leavenworth. Temperatures are expected to drop by the end of the week, according to the National Weather Service.

But more mild temperatures may be in store in the weeks ahead.

“Temperatures will probably swing back and forth,” Jared Leighton with the National Weather Service said.

He said this would be “kind of a typical winter pattern for this area.”

As far as snow, 18-19 inches is average for a winter season in the Kansas City area.

But this year, the area is starting winter behind the eight ball because December has been dry so far. And Leighton said the month could end without any snowfall.

“Right now, it’s not looking like there will be any real accumulation through next week,” he said.

Heavy snowfall in January, February and March could make up for the lack of snow in December. But Leighton said the area is in a weather pattern that is not conducive to a large amount of snow.

“The slow start is really not all that surprising,” he said.

As for Christmas Day, the National Weather service is forecasting sunny conditions and a high near 29 degrees in Leavenworth.

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