The city of Leavenworth has a new mayor.

The city of Leavenworth has a new mayor.

During a meeting Tuesday, Leavenworth city commissioners selected Mark Preisinger to serve as mayor for the next year.

"It's my pleasure, my honor to represent the city of Leavenworth," Preisinger said.

Each year, the Leavenworth City Commission selects one of its members to serve as mayor.

Preisinger has served on the commission since 2009. This is his third stint as the city's mayor.

Preisinger was re-elected to the City Commission in November for a two-year term.

Preisinger spent the last year serving as the city's mayor pro-tem.

Commissioners followed a tradition Tuesday of appointing the mayor pro-tem to take over as the mayor.

Preisinger said he looks forward to working with the other four commissioners. He also looks forward to working with the city's partners including Fort Leavenworth and other cities in the county.

Preisinger replaced Commissioner Nancy Bauder as the city's mayor.

Bauder thanked her fellow commissioners for the support she received as mayor.

Commissioners voted Tuesday to appoint Commissioner Jermaine Wilson as the mayor pro-tem.

Wilson is one of two new members who were elected to the commission in November.

The other new member, Myron "Mike" Griswold, was appointed to serve as the financial claims reviewer for the commission.

Also Tuesday, commissioners met between closed doors in two executive sessions to consult with City Attorney Tom Dawson.

According to a motion, commissioners went into one of the executive sessions to discuss an Eisenhower Road improvement project.

Members of the Leavenworth County Commission recently voted to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Eisenhower Road and 20th Street as part of the road improvement project, which is being funded by the county government. Leavenworth city officials have argued for a traffic signal at that intersection instead of a roundabout.

According to another motion, city commissioners went into the second executive session to discuss the Leavenworth County Port Authority.

For years, the county government has provided funding to the Port Authority. But county commissioners recently requested that the city share in the funding of the Port Authority.

City commissioners took no action Tuesday related to the Eisenhower Road project or the Port Authority.

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