There’s an election coming up later this year that could give Basehor residents the opportunity to impact the representation of the city on the Leavenworth County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). There is currently a petition drive under way to have an issue placed on the ballot to increase the number of Leavenworth County Commissioners from three to five, including one that will represent the Basehor area. That election will be held Nov. 6.

Sherri Grogan is actively working on the petition drive in Basehor. She said the city and county governments should work together to address the needs and growth, including having adequate representation from the Basehor area.

“A five-member commission gives the southern part of the county more representation and will increase the opportunity for outcomes that benefit Basehor,” she said. “I believe there is too much power and decision making in the hands of too few.”

There are two ways a question can be placed on the ballot so voters can weigh in about expansion of the commission. While the expansion has been discussed in past BOCC meetings and an appropriate resolution was presented for consideration, it was not approved. A grassroots group of community members, including Grogan, is pursuing the petition drive to send the vote to the people of Leavenworth County.

Grogan and others will offer a training class for volunteers interested in aiding in the collection of signatures on the petition. That training will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Basehor Community Library. Volunteers will schedule signing events, attend community events and go door to door to collect signatures and explain how important this ballot initiative is for the residents of Basehor. Approximately 2,500 signatures must be obtained within 180 days. The first signing event is Sunday from 2-3 p.m. at the Basehor Community Library. Basehor has a current population of more than 5,600 residents.

“There is a long history of controversial decisions that the BOCC has made and it does not seem to be getting better,” said Grogan. “I like helping with initiatives that will have a positive impact on our community. We have one shot at getting this on the November ballot.”

A Facebook page called Give Me Five supporting a five-member Leavenworth County Commission has been established. Upcoming training and signature collecting event information will be posted there.

Beth Kornegay is a freelance writer covering news and events in the city of Basehor. If you have a story idea, email her at