Basehor's mayor believes the city is positioned for significant growth.

Basehor's mayor believes the city is positioned for significant growth.

Mayor David Breuer said Basehor already is one of the fastest growing cities in the area.

“I look for that to continue,” he said.

He said the city only has 78 housing lots available right now. But there are plans for the development of about 1,200 additional houses.

He said these additional homes could increase Basehor's population from about 5,600 to around 10,000.

Breuer's comments came Thursday during an annual state of the city address. The event was hosted by the Basehor Chamber of Commerce.

Breuer credited the Basehor-Linwood school district with helping to attract people to the city.

“I believe we are a bedroom community with a great school district," he said.

During his remarks, Breuer reviewed various projects and other activities that have occurred over the past year or are in the works.

He said the city has acquired an additional nine acres for a future city campus. He said the city now owns a total of 55 acres in the area of 158th Street and Parallel Road.

Breuer said after the meeting that a new city hall eventually could be constructed at that site. But he said there probably will be a need for a police station at that site first.

Breuer said a portion of the campus also could be used for retail space in the future.

During his presentation, Breuer was asked about possible business development in the city.

Breuer said he believes most of the city's business growth will be in the area of retail rather than industrial developments.

Breuer said a grocery store for the city is a topic that is frequently talked about. He said the Basehor community has to meet criteria, such as population numbers, before a grocery store company will open a store in the city.

“We're getting close,” he said.

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