The Leavenworth-Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce announced award winners Friday during its annual banquet at the Riverfront Community Center.

American Family Insurance – Trenton Peter Agency of Lansing was named the Business of the Year.

Gene and Ada Young were named the Humanitarians of the Year.

Leavenworth High School senior Tanner Hendrix was named the Junior Citizen of the Year.

The banquet and awards ceremony serves as a celebration of the previous Chamber year and kick-starts a new campaign.

“Trent and his family are known for their integrity and service to the community,” said Brandon Johannes, president of the Leavenworth-Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce. “They are very active in the community and very deserving of this award.”

Gene and Ada Young, founders of the Young Sign Company in downtown Leavenworth, were honored due to their lifetime of service to the Lansing and Leavenworth communities.

They have been involved with numerous civic organizations and have taken part in a wide array of fundraising efforts.

“Some people refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. Lansing,” wrote Ann Young Hoins in her nomination letter. She is their daughter. “They know everyone and if they don’t know you, they introduce themselves and she says, ‘There’s always time for another hug.’”

Ann Young Hoins wrote that “Some people give money to the benefit of others because they have plenty. Gene and Ada give of themselves, directly from the heart because that is what they believe is respectful and responsible living.”

Hendrix is one of the school’s top students, ranking 21st in a class of 343 students. He has a 4.07 GPA and is enrolled in a rigorous academic schedule that includes several advanced placement courses.

He is active outside of the classroom as well. He has volunteered for numerous charity events, participates in numerous school clubs and is a member of the cross country and track teams. He is also a longtime member of the Boy Scouts and earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

“I admire Tanner because he is one of the most industrious and resilient students I know,” wrote LVHS guidance counselor Chandra Fairley in Hendrix’s nomination form. “He never makes excuses when faced with challenges.”

Fairley described Hendrix as “smart, respectful, determined, independent and encouraging.”

Justin Bode, a teacher and coach at the high school, praised Hendrix in his nomination remarks.

“Tanner is one of the finest young men that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting,” Bode wrote. “He is motivated to learn, disciplined enough to balance school and activities and dedicated enough to succeed in every task that he undertakes.”

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