When Bob Hart arrived at Leavenworth High School in 1967, he intended to stay only a couple of years.

When Bob Hart arrived at Leavenworth High School in 1967, he intended to stay only a couple of years.

But Hart continued to teach at Leavenworth High School for the next 50 years.

“I just kind of fell in love with Leavenworth,” Hart said.

Today will mark the science teacher's last day at the high school as he begins his retirement.

“I’ve had some great experiences,” he said.

Hart, who is from Rogers, Arkansas, taught for three years at other schools before coming to Leavenworth High School.

Hart, 77, said he is amazed by how fast the years have gone by.

“It seems like I pulled into the dirt parking lot just yesterday,” he said.

The parking lot at the high school was not paved when he started in 1967.

At the time, the school also had a campus layout with multiple buildings. Over the years, additions have connected the buildings together.

“Most of the kids though are about the same as when I started,” Hart said.

He said they're courteous, thoughtful and willing to learn.

He said one thing that has changed is the method of teaching.

“It's much quicker with technology,” he said.

He said so much information is available now on the internet. But people have to be careful because not all of it is correct. He said it is sometimes difficult for young people to determine what is correct and what is not.

Hart has been teaching comparative anatomy, botany and zoology at Leavenworth High School.

Hart said he got into teaching because of his interest in coaching.

“I found in order to be a good coach, you have to be a good teacher,” he said.

And he said coaching helped him become a decent teacher.

“Coaches look at the little things, and the little things are what make the big things work," he said.

During his career, Hart coached football, track, swimming and golf. He also was an assistant basketball coach.

As a teacher, Hart has tried to be firm, fair and friendly.

If one can do this, he can communicate with students, Hart said.

“Education is communication,” he said.

Hart said he is retiring because “I just want to do some other things.”

One thing he plans to do is travel.

Hart also admitted that as an educator is he is “kind of tired of keeping up with technology.”

Hart said he will miss the interaction with students and seeing them accomplish things.

“As far as the meetings, I will not miss them,” he said.

But he acknowledged that meetings are necessary.

Hart said he would advise new teachers to make sure teaching is what they really want to do.

He said teachers need to do the job for the joy of seeing somebody else accomplish something instead of personal gratification.

“And enjoy every day,” he said.

He said students can tell if teachers enjoy what they're doing.

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