A Leavenworth man has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for drug charges.

A Leavenworth man has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for drug charges.

Orville W. Sieg, 47, was sentenced Wednesday in Leavenworth County District Court for a felony charge of possession of methamphetamine and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

The charges stemmed from a June 4, 2017, traffic stop in the area of Fifth and Kickapoo streets in Leavenworth. Sieg was in a vehicle that was stopped for being operated without headlights. He reportedly was taken into custody at the time for an existing arrest warrant. During a search of the vehicle, authorities reportedly found methamphetamine and a glass pipe.

Sieg was convicted of the charges in March following a trial.

Sieg said he was not ready for sentencing Wednesday, arguing that a speedy trial requirement had not been met in the case.

Sieg's attorney, James Colgan, presented the judge with a list of days during which his client believes the speedy trial requirement was not properly applied.

“I will take it under advisement,” District Judge Gunnar Sundby said.

Assistant County Attorney Shawn Boyd noted that Sieg has an extensive criminal history.

“It shows a pattern,” he argued.

Boyd argued that Sieg is a danger to the community and not amenable to rehabilitation. The prosecutor argued Sieg will continue on the same path when he is released.

Boyd recommended what he said was the aggravated sentence of 42 months for the felony charge. He also recommended a consecutive 12-month jail sentence for the misdemeanor charge.

When given the opportunity to speak, Sieg said he had not been afforded the same opportunities for rehabilitation as others because he has always been sent to prison in the past.

“I admit to my crimes when I do them,” he said.

But Sieg said he has had jury trials in cases in which he was innocent.

Sundby imposed a 40-month sentence for the felony charge. This was considered the standard sentence under the state's sentencing guidelines.

Sundby also ordered a 12-month sentence for the misdemeanor charge to run concurrent to the other sentence. This means Sieg will serve the two sentences at the same time.

Sundby said he would accept the defense's objection regarding the speedy trial issue as an oral motion. The judge said he will rule on the issue next week.

Earlier this week, a jury convicted Sieg of charges in another case.

Jurors found him guilty of a felony charge of interference with a law enforcement officer and misdemeanor counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, driving with a suspended license, criminal damage to property and reckless driving. The charges stem from a July 29, 2017, incident in Leavenworth.

Sentencing in this case is scheduled for July 6.

Sieg is scheduled to have a trial June 18 in another case. In that case, he is facing a charge of aggravated assault, according to court records.

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