When they met Monday, Leavenworth Board of Education members approved pay raises for administrators and support staff.

When they met Monday, Leavenworth Board of Education members approved pay raises for administrators and support staff.

Board members did not approve individual pay raises for employees. But they approved allocations for pools of money for pay raises that total 3 percent increases for salaries.

The 3 percent increase in money for salaries for classified employees totals $188,000. The district's classified staff includes positions such as secretaries and custodians. The district has about 300 classified employees.

Leavenworth Superintendent Mike Roth said all classified employees will receive a 3 percent pay raise.

The 3 percent increase for salaries for administrators totals $77,121. The district has about 30 administrators.

The pool of money for raises for administrators totals to an overall increase of 3 percent. But Roth said pay raises for individual administrators will vary.

Roth said the amount of individual pay raises for administrators will be based on factors such as experience and whether the employees are being asked to perform extra work.

Roth said additional funding that the district is receiving from the state is being allocated for staff.

"We want to use the new dollars for staff," he said.

Board members have not yet approved salary increases for teachers for the next school year. Roth said these salary increases are still being negotiated with the local teachers union.

The allocations for raises for classified staff and administrators were approved Monday after board members met behind closed doors in executive session for 24 minutes to discuss personnel.

Board Vice President Doug Darling initially made one motion to approve both pools of money for the raises. But board member Nancy Klemp asked if they could be separated into two motions.

Darling then made separate motions for the increases for classified staff and administrators.

The allocation of money for raises for classified staff was approved 6-0. Board member Loyal Torkelson was absent. Board member John Goodman did not attend the meeting but he voted by telephone.

The allocation of money for administrator pay raises was approved 5-1 with Klemp voting against the motion.

Klemp said she does not disapprove of the work of the administrators in the district. But she would like to compare their salaries with administrators in other districts.

Board members typically meet on a Wednesday, but this month's regular meeting of the school board was scheduled for a Monday.

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