The Basehor-Linwood Board of Education plans to put two bond issue questions to voters in the district later this year.

The Basehor-Linwood Board of Education plans to put two bond issue questions to voters in the district later this year.

Board members are proposing a $51.56 million bond issue to construct two elementary schools, an early childhood center, additions to Basehor-Linwood Middle School and other improvements to existing school facilities.

Voters also will be presented a proposal of a $5.55 million bond issue for upgrading school athletic facilities.

Basehor-Linwood Superintendent David Howard said school officials are seeking to have the election in September and plan to use mail ballots rather than traditional poll locations.

During a special meeting Wednesday, board members approved a resolution calling for the election.

The vote was 5-0. Board members Shelley Stevens and Lori Van Fleet were absent, according to minutes for the meeting.

The $51.56 million bond proposal would pay for a new elementary buildings that would replace the existing Linwood Elementary School.

Howard said the existing Linwood Elementary School building is nearly 100 years old and not conducive to some of the things school officials would like to do for students.

Howard said a new elementary school would be equitable to other schools in the district.

If the bond issue is approved, the new elementary school may not be constructed in Linwood, but Howard hopes it would be located somewhere near Kansas 32 Highway.

The $51.56 million bond proposal also would pay for the construction of an additional elementary school in Basehor. Howard said he hopes the school would be located between U.S. 24-40 and Parallel Road.

This school would not replace the existing Basehor Elementary School and Basehor Intermediate School. And these two existing schools would remain open.

Howard said the new schools would help the district accommodate enrollment growth.

“What we're seeing in our enrollment growth is unbelievable,” he said.

Proposed additions for Basehor-Linwood Middle School would provide more classrooms and a performing arts center.

Proposed improvements for other school buildings in the district would include improvements for a secured entry at Glenwood Ridge Elementary School.

The $5.55 million bond issue would expand seating at the high school football stadium. Howard said the athletic facility upgrades paid for by the bond issue also would include the construction of tennis courts, which would allow the high school to have a tennis program. There also would be a new multipurpose room on the high school grounds that could be used for the wrestling program.

Howard said the proposal for new elementary schools and upgrades to athletic facilities were split into two questions for voters because surveys of district patrons showed there was not as much support for the athletic facilities as there is for the new schools.

“We did not want that to get in the way of (classroom) space for our kids,” he said.

Howard said he will not know for sure how much the combined bond issues would impact the district's mill levy until he completes a new budget for the district. The mill levy is used in determining property taxes.

Howard said increased valuation of properties in the district may negate the impact the bond issues would have on the mill levy.

“We could potentially do both of these questions without raising the mill levy,” he said.

Howard said valuation in the district has been increasing substantially, which has increased property tax revenue for the district.

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