While students are out for summer vacation, facilities department crews are working their way through a long punch list of chores throughout the Leavenworth school district.

Matt Dedeke, director of the facilities department for the Leavenworth school district, said his department gets input throughout the school year from building administrators, faculty and staff about repairs or modifications that are needed in the district school buildings.

Dedeke and his staff then prioritize the work and tackle the jobs throughout the summer.

One of the bigger projects this summer is a renovation of the basketball court in the gymnasium at Leavenworth High School.

Tony Brimeyer, custodial coordinator for the district, said the $20,000 renovation project will be completed this summer.

Dedeke said another large project this summer is landscaping at the high school, including areas in the front of the school, at the entrance of Pioneer Stadium and at the gymnasium entrance.

“It will improve the curb appeal of those areas,” Dedeke said.

Dedeke said security improvements are taking place around the district to include visitor entry systems, door controls and radio communications.

Dedeke said summer is a good time to get in the buildings to clean and do repairs because there are fewer people in the buildings.

“Summer has changed from the past,” Dedeke said. “It’s still busy around the schools with the food service and (summer) school programs. But the buildings are a lot less occupied than during the school year.”

Dedeke said the school district employs 48 full-time crew members in the facilities department. There are also about six part-time workers in the summer.

Crews are also busy doing “top to bottom cleaning,” Brimeyer said.

“We want the facilities to shine when the kids come back to school,” he said.

Dedeke said workers are “touching every surface” in their cleaning efforts throughout the district.

He said every hallway in every school building in the district will receive a fresh coat of paint.

“Everything we do is with a common goal – the kids,” Dedeke said.

Leavenworth voters recently passed a $36.7 million school bond that will include new construction and many other improvements throughout the school district.

“It will add square footage that we will have to keep clean and operational,” Dedeke said. “It’s an exciting challenge. It’s a good thing. It’s progress.”