Leavenworth County commissioners want local law enforcement officers to look into possible missing personnel documents.

Leavenworth County commissioners want local law enforcement officers to look into possible missing personnel documents.

When they met Tuesday, commissioners approved a motion to authorize Senior County Counselor David Van Parys to contact local law enforcement agencies about investigating missing county documents.

The motion came after Commissioner Bob Holland reported on a conversation he had with former Commissioner Dennis Bixby.

Last week, the commission authorized Holland to contact Bixby to inquire about personnel files of county employees that still may be in his possession.

Bixby was interviewed last year for a television news story that appeared on KSHB Channel 41. The story featured a termination letter regarding Van Parys’ dismissal from his duties with the county in 2016.

Van Parys later was rehired as the senior county counselor.

The television station also obtained a separation agreement that had been offered to Van Parys.

Bixby was on the commission at the time of the 2016 termination. But he was no longer on the commission when the news story aired.

After the news story aired last year, Holland said he learned Bixby had mistakenly left a folder with personnel information behind when he was interviewed.

Holland said Tuesday that he had contacted Bixby regarding county documents after last week’s commission meeting.

“He told me that he did not have any of the documents that you were asking for,” Holland said.

Holland said Bixby also indicated KSHB Channel 41 does not have the documents.

Holland said the former commissioner did not say if he had destroyed the documents.

Commissioner Doug Smith said he would like to survey county employees to determine if they have been victims of identity theft.

“We know personnel files have left the courthouse,” he said.

Smith said he has been the victim of identity theft four times since he was elected to the commission.

Commission Chairman Louis Klemp said he believes something needs to be done regarding the missing documents.

“What can we do?” Smith said.

Van Parys said he has limited ability to conduct independent investigations. But Van Parys said he can present the matter to local law enforcement. Van Parys said he believes the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office and Leavenworth Police Department have concurrent jurisdiction.

Smith made the motion to have Van Parys contact local law enforcement regarding missing documents.

Van Parys said he can prepare referrals to the Sheriff’s Office and Police Department.

Holland expressed concern causing a “witch hunt that is going to cost the county any money.” But he voted for Smith’s motion.

The motion was unanimously approved.

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