Two business prospects for Leavenworth's new industrial park are now considered dead following site visits.

Two business prospects for Leavenworth’s new industrial park are now considered dead following site visits.

But Steve Jack, executive director of the Leavenworth County Development Corporation, said there is still a sense of victory about being able to get companies to visit the new Leavenworth Business and Technology Park.

The park had its ribbon cutting in June.

Jack reviewed the status of the projects as part of a report he provided Thursday during a monthly meeting of the LCDC Board of Directors.

Jack’s report also included information about prospects for the Lansing Business Center.

As is common practice, Jack did not mention specific companies by name. Instead, he referred to prospects by project names.

He said Project Trigger involves a company looking for 15 acres where a 30,000 square foot building can be located. He said the project would result in only eight to 10 jobs, but he said they would be high-wage positions.

“We were excited about the project,” Jack said.

He said initially there were more than 250 sites in contention for the project.

In Leavenworth County, the Leavenworth Business and Technology Park and the Tonganoxie Business Park were submitted for consideration. The two parks made it into the top 11 sites in the search.

Officials involved in the search visited both parks July 11.

“The visit went OK I think,” Jack said.

But he has learned that both sites are eliminated from the search.

“We got a lot of good feedback from Project Trigger,” Jack said.

He said the issue with the Leavenworth Business and Technology Park was not a problem with the park itself.

Jack said the issue was with the demographics of the community. But he was not provided additional information regarding what officials do not like about the demographics.

He said the issue with the Tonganoxie Business Park is more about the park itself.

“It’s not ready yet,” he said.

The Leavenworth Business and Technology Park also was submitted for Project Gear. This project involves the search for a location for a distribution center.

“It would be a pretty large building,” Jack said.

He said the site would need to be close to the Kansas City International Airport.

The Leavenworth Business and Technology Park site is within the search parameters. But the Tonganoxie Business Park could not be submitted because it is considered to be too far from the airport.

There was a site visit to the Leavenworth Business and Technology Park in late May. The site has since been eliminated from the search.

Jack said there are about a dozen traffic lights between the business park and an interstate. He said this likely was a factor in the park’s elimination from the search process.

“For a distribution center, that is going to be a tough sell,” he said.

He said this may not be as big of an issue for a light manufacturing facility.

Jack also discussed projects for which lots at the Lansing Business Center are being considered. He said it is possible lots at the park that have been available for some time could be filled in a couple of years.

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