Help needed with roof repairs

A lot of people like to make donations around the holidays to help those in need.

But the president of the Leavenworth Mission Community Store says “we need donations throughout the year.”

The nonprofit Leavenworth Mission, located at 1140 Spruce St., operates a thrift store and food pantry.

“We have lots of outreach programs,” said Iris Arnold, president of the Leavenworth Mission.

Mendy Friday, who volunteers at the Leavenworth Mission, said the organization is open to any type of donation.

One thing the Leavenworth Mission is seeking is help with repairing the building’s roof, which leaks.

“We’re seeking people, professionals, who may be willing to donate their time,” Arnold said.

The Leavenworth Mission opened in 2010.

“I simply saw the need for our community,” Arnold said.

She said the Leavenworth Mission helps about 400 families per month.

The food pantry distributes food every Tuesday except the first Tuesday of the month.

Arnold said money made from the thrift store helps maintain the food pantry.

“We do try to keep our prices very low,” she said.

The store is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

The Leavenworth Mission can be contacted at 913-651-8800.

The Leavenworth Mission has a Facebook page. And monetary donations can be made to the Leavenworth Mission on its Facebook page.

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