The next generation of journalists soon will begin learning the craft at a Leavenworth elementary school.

Students in the journalism club at David Brewer Elementary School are taking the first steps to create a student newspaper, the first ever at the school.

“It will be a newspaper written for and by students,” said Jennifer Buck, a fourth-grade teacher at the school who is an adviser for the journalism club. “It’s just kids writing for and about their classmates and what’s going on at school.”

The journalism club is open to students from third through fifth grade.

Buck said an organizational meeting will be held this week at the school to begin planning specific details about the publication.

“We will start out just learning about newspapers,” Buck said. “What is a newspaper? What goes in a newspaper? What would you put in a newspaper?”

Buck said only a handful of students have signed up for the journalism club so far, but she is hoping that between seven and 10 students participate.

Buck said the newspaper most likely will be disseminated in a digital format because of budget constraints. She said initially the newspaper would be published one time each quarter.

Students will give input in naming the publication. Buck said a proposed name is “What’s Buzzing at Brewer?”

A photography club also has been organized at the school. Buck suggested that the two clubs partner in producing the newspaper.

Buck said the organizational structure of the newspaper has yet to be determined. But she said there likely will be an editor and someone in charge of photography.

The school will host a Family Fun Night Sept. 18. Buck hopes to have student journalists cover that event and write about it in the student newspaper.

Jessi Schmidt, an autism teacher at the elementary school, is assisting Buck with the new publication.